Key projects in development

Diater is working on different lines of R&D in the field of diagnosis, both in vivo and in vitro, and in the treatment of allergic diseases. Notable among them are the following:

Diagnosis of allergies to beta-lactams (DAP®

DAP® is the first means of diagnosing hypersensitivity to beta-lactam antibiotics worldwide. This line of research is steadily adding more products to the pipeline to diagnose drug allergies.


High-sensitivity serological diagnosis of antibodies against hepatitis C virus (HCV). This provides greater sensitivity than other serological diagnosis tests available at present and will allow a higher percentage of patients infected with HCV to be diagnosed.



Purified allergens for diagnosis and treatment.

Alt a 1 is the first purified major allergen from the fungus Alternaria alternata. It recognises more than 90% of the specific immunoglobulins E from the fungus. This technique for purifying major allergens is being developed for other allergens. Using purified major allergens in their native form increases the sensitivity and specificity of diagnosis, as well as the efficacy and safety of specific immunotherapy, compared to the complete allergen extract from the fungus.

New treatments for respiratory allergic diseases.

To make more convenient and effective treatments available to physicians and patients, at present, Diater is working on a line of research to study new forms of administration and new, safer and more effective types of extract that could reduce the current number of doses and duration of treatment for greater patient convenience.


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